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His smile saved me

"When I watch you, I feel strong, like I can do anything - that even I am worth something."

smile, saved, "when, watch, feel, strong, #like, anything, that, even, worth, something


Grupo de pessoas com um gosto em comum - TRAVIAN

feels, #like, heaven, grupo, pessoas, gosto, comum, travian

Zeitgeist SF Community

The ZeiTGeisT Team Was created in April 2011, Originaly by Flow and NoveL and with support of Jomane. After That People Like Merlin, Bruno and Legend Started to help the Community and they turned on to be one of the best Mods and Friends of the Comm

zeitgeist, community, team, created, april, 2011, originaly, flow, novel, with, support, jomane, after, that, people, #like, merlin, bruno, legend, started, help, they, turned

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