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The JUS Spriters

Like to sprite?Like to edit JUS sprites?Want a safe place to put it?You're in the right place.

spriters, like, sprite?like, edit, sprites?want, safe, place, it?you're, right

Blackboard XD

Blackboard XD is a forum created for connect people that want to learn english and have fun in the same time!

blackboard, created, connect, people, that, #want, learn, english, have, same, time!

We Want More

Forum gratis : Travian Aliance

forum, gratis, #want, more, travian, aliance

Forum gratis : Imaginary

Forum gratis : Fórum especialmete dedicado aos fãs portugueses de Evanescence

fórum, portugal, evanescence, terry, balsamo, mccord, origin, fallen, open, door, music, música, notícias, vivo, concerto, team, what, #want, novo, single, banda

War Soldiers

*English Welcome to our clan to new and old players! The proposition of this forum is keep mates in contacts with Siege, Epics and events of this clan. The first thing i want to ask is a litle patience with some of our players who does not

soldiers, clan, players! the, proposition, this, keep, mates, contacts, with, siege, epics, events, first, thing, #want, litle

- SEsters ♥ -

Elena:I don`t believe that. You can fight it.You just have to want it bad enough. Stefan:Why? Because I love you? Elena:Yeah! That`s right, Stefan. Because you love me. You`ll fight because after everything that we`ve been through you owe me that!

sesters, elena, don`t, believe, that, fight, just, have, #want, enough, stefan, why?, because, love, you? elena, yeah!, that`s, right, you`ll, after, everythi

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