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The Bad Touch

Forum gratis: Why So Serious?. The Bad Touch. The Bad Touch Why So Serious?

forum, gratis, touch, serious?

WhY ThE FeaR !

Familia ~7 AnoOoeS~. ~7 AnoOoeS~ - The Best C. A Clan

anoooes~, best, clan, familia

- SEsters ♥ -

Elena:I don`t believe that. You can fight it.You just have to want it bad enough. Stefan:Why? Because I love you? Elena:Yeah! That`s right, Stefan. Because you love me. You`ll fight because after everything that we`ve been through you owe me that!

sesters, elena, don`t, believe, that, fight, just, have, want, enough, stefan, why?, because, love, you? elena, yeah!, that`s, right, you`ll, after, everythi

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